Friday, January 26, 2018

Jessica's Farewell Address

A message from your friends at the Connecticut Public Affairs Network...

2017 Connecticut's Kid Governor Jessica Brocksom ended her term last week at the inauguration of the 2018 Connecticut's Kid Governor Megan Kasperowski. Jessica reflected on her term, shared well wishes with Megan, and thanked all who helped her this year. You can read her farewell address below and watch it here
Jessica prepares to give her Farewell Address at the 2018 Inauguration Day
 in the Courtroom of Connecticut's Old State House.

Good morning everyone! A special welcome to Secretary of the State Denise Merrill, State Senator Art Linares, State Representative Christie Carpino, Commissioner of Education Dianna Wentzell, Supreme Court Justice Emeritus Dennis Eveleigh, Portland First Selectwoman Susan Bransfield, Portland Superintendent Dr. Philip O’Reilly, and Kid Governor-Elect Megan Kasperowski. Thank you for being here for this special day.

I have had a very exciting year as the 2017 Connecticut’s Kid Governor. I would like to tell you all about it, but first I want to give a special thanks to the Connecticut Public Affairs Network. They are the reason that I was able to run to be Kid Governor and help so many animals. And thank you so much Mr. C, Ms. Whipple, Mr. Orcutt, and Ms. Sousa and everyone else for being there every day and helping me along the way. You guys have done so much for me this year and my accomplishments wouldn’t have been possible without all of you. I want to personally thank my fifth grade teacher, Ms. Stuart, for all that she does for me. She is the most amazing teacher that I ever had and I wish all students had the chance to be taught by Ms. Stuart. She was so supportive of me during my term. I thank you for everything you do for me and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for you.

I really want to thank my family for all of their support for me and bringing me to many events just like this. I am truly grateful for them and I wouldn’t be able to do anything without them, so thank you so much.

During my year as your Kid Governor, I had the great opportunity to travel all over the state as well as New York and a special trip to Washington, D.C. During my travels, I was able to meet so many people along the way who are as passionate as I am about helping animals. It’s been amazing to see my platform of animal cruelty awareness not only help many animals, it motivated other people to help as well.

I would like to especially thank Senator Richard Blumenthal for inviting me to Washington, D.C. He and Representative Rosa DeLauro and Senator Chris Murphy took the time out of their busy days to visit with me and learn about my platform to help animals. They also told me about their work in Congress and the animal legislation they support. The Humane Society of the United States also met with me in Washington and shared how they help to advocate for animals.

I also got to go to New York and had the honor of being recognized by the ASPCA as the Tommy P. Monahan Kid of the Year. The ASPCA is such an important organization and they inspire me to do great things to help animals.

Over the year, I was able to meet all three points of my platform and do much more. I met my first goal of helping pass a bill. I was able to speak at a press conference at the state capitol to support a law allowing therapy animals to go to court with kids. The bill was signed by Governor Malloy in July and took effect in October. My second goal was met by coordinating a collection drive and donating many items and money to the animal shelter to help with costs for animal care. I also prompted other kids and adults to do the same and shared resources for planning collection drives in schools. Lastly, I met my third goal of making an educational presentation to spread awareness about responsible pet ownership. That presentation was released this week. There are so many things that you can do to help stop animal cruelty and be a responsible pet owner. I'm so proud of all the people in Connecticut who are helping animals, those without a voice.

This past year, I went to libraries across Connecticut to teach kids and adults about responsible pet ownership. I helped start a program called Heat Kills in my town of Milford with my State Representative, Pam Staneski. I met with elected officials and news reporters to share my platform. I also kept a blog called Helping Animals to motivate other kids to speak up for animals.

In closing, congratulations to our new Kid Governor Megan! You have such a great year ahead of you! You are going to make so many people happy and inspire others. Just don't forget to have fun and enjoy it while you can. It goes by so quickly.

I would also like to say “congratulations” to the six other candidates from the Statewide Election! Your campaigns were amazing and I hope that you will continue to spread your messages because they are all very important. Just remember you all can make a difference.

Even though my term is up, I will still continue to educate people on animal cruelty and speak up for animals to make sure their voices are heard. Once again, congrats to Megan and the six final candidates. And to everyone, remember to help animals, those without a voice. Thank you and have a great day!

Friday, December 8, 2017

A busy November at the ASPCA's Humane Awards Luncheon and a Ms President US program!

Hello everybody! I have had an exciting few weeks. I went to New York for the ASPCA's Humane Awards Luncheon and I went to Ridgefield, CT to speak to a group of girls participating in a program called Ms President US. So let me tell you all about both experiences!

My ASPCA Kid of the Year Award!

Giving my award acceptance speech on-stage and sharing my work to help animals during my term as Connecticut's Kid Governor. 

The ASPCA, which stands for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, holds the Humane Awards Luncheon every year in New York City. They recognize heroic animals as well as people who help animals. The Tommy. P Monahan Kid of the Year Award honors one kid for their hard work with helping animals. I am so honored to be their 2017 Kid of the Year! You can read about all of the 2017 award winners HERE.

Me with Tommy's parents, Tom and Maria Monahan. 

When I went to New York, I met the family of Tommy P. Monahan. Tommy was a nine-year-old boy from Staten Island, NY who went into his burning house to save his dog's life. Sadly, Tommy died in the fire. The Kid of the Year Award is named in his honor, and Tommy's family sat at my table.

All of the 2017 Humane Awards recipients (both people and animals!).

There are other amazing pets and people being honored, too. Like the Cat of the Year named Flame, and the Dog of the Year named Rescue. Flame was a malnourished kitten who now lives in a fire station and is a pet to all the fire fighters. Rescue lives with Jessica Kensky and Patrick Downes who were both affected by the Boston Marathon bombing. Rescue helps them feel good and makes sure they go out and stay active. These two pets are amazing but wait until you hear about what the other people out there are doing.

Selfie with my 5th grade teacher Mrs. Stuart and Mr. C from Connecticut's Kid Governor who attended the luncheon with me. 

The human winners were Judy Obregon who received the Citizen Hero Award, the Mission K9 Rescue who received the Henry Burgh Award, and Elaine Nash who received the Equine Welfare Award. They have done so many great things for animals. They all have been saving hundreds of animals and it's unbelievable. The ASPCA Awards were amazing and it was such a great opportunity. I am so inspired from all the stories that I heard there and I hope you all are too. What these people have done for animals is beyond any expectations. They are truly amazing. I had such a great time speaking and meeting new people. I especially loved meeting the family of Tommy. P Monahan. They were so kind and sweet. I thank them and the ASPCA for this huge honor.

Me with Ms. Liz Osterhus Fleuette, the founder of Ms President US.

Our panel discussion at the Ms President US program.

I also went to the Ridgefield Library to meet with a group called Ms President US. Ms President US is a group that encourages girls to play an important role in their community and inspires them to run for political office. It was so cool to meet the girls and be a panelist along with Miss Connecticut Teen Ananya Kachru, Connecticut State Senator Toni Boucher, and Connecticut State Representatuve Joan Hartley. These other woman also have big roles and they are very inspiring. Thank you girls for all you do for people and animals.

The elementary and middle school girls who attended the program!

Make sure to email me all the great things you're doing at Have a great day and make sure to keep helping animals, those without a voice.

Your Kid Governor,

Thursday, November 30, 2017

2018 Connecticut's Kid Governor-Elect Megan Kasperowski

On Tuesday, November 21, 5th Graders across Connecticut found out who will serve as the next Connecticut's Kid Governor. With 6,100 registered voters and seven candidates, students elected Megan Kasperowski of Portland to be the 2018 Connecticut's Kid Governor. Megan ran on a campaign to raise awareness about Cancer, saying Tuesday that she thinks it is a "huge issue in our community and that people are dying too often from this terrible disease. I want to help those suffering with cancer and make their days happier.”

Megan will be the third Connecticut's Kid Governor, succeeding Jessica Brocksom of Milford. Megan will be inaugurated in January at a ceremony at Connecticut's Old State House. 

You can check out the Connecticut's Kid Governor website for updates and more information about Megan's term.

Full coverage of the announcement of the 2018 Connecticut's Kid Governor.

Megan's campaign video about cancer awareness. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Statewide Election for the 2018 Kid Governor is underway!

The 2017 Statewide Election for the 2018 Connecticut’s Kid Governor is underway! 

After receiving a record-breaking number of nominees this year, seven students were selected to be this year’s Statewide Election Candidates. These students were nominated by the 5th graders in their schools and now it is YOUR turn to decide who will be the next Kid Governor!

Each candidate has created a campaign video outlining why he or she wants to be Connecticut’s Kid Governor; what leadership qualities he/she has; what community issue is important to him or her and way; and a three-point plan outlining ways for Connecticut’s 5th graders to make a difference around that issue.

We are pleased to announce that the candidates for the 2017 Connecticut’s Kid Governor Statewide Election are: 

A’aliyah: Bullying
Dillon: Bullying
Gwyn: Child Poverty
Liliana: Making the Elderly Feel Valued
Madison: Kindness
Megan: Cancer
Nathaniel: Eliminating Styrofoam Trays

You can watch the candidates’ campaign videos here.

Good luck to all of the Connecticut’s Kid Governor candidates! Polls close on Tuesday, November 14 at 5:00pm. Look for the announcement of the next Kid Governor soon!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

October "Shout Outs" to Kids Helping Animals!

I have some shout outs for kids who visited my Kid Governor's Office at Connecticut's Old State House in Hartford and shared how they want to be kind to animals through my animal cut-out activity:

  • Sarah said "I can learn about what animals need to be healthy."
  • Chelsey wrote "I can serve my time to a local animal shelter."
  • Camillo wrote "I can put a container of water in the street on hot days to help street dogs or cats" 
  • Dylan said "I can try to make a food organization for animals."
  • Brenna wrote "I can make donations to the animal shelters."
  • Grace said "I can make an effort to not leave trash outside because I know it can hurt an animal." 
  • Jerick said "I can give money to charities that help abused animals."
  • Julia wrote "I can do a can and bottle drive to raise money to donate to the animal shelters."
Reading the animal cut-outs visitors have left in my office at the Old State House!

Another huge shout out to Elena Tipton the 2016 Connecticut's Kid Governor for going to my office and picking out some great cut outs from kids across the state.

2016 Kid Governor Elena in the Kid Governor's Office at the Old State House

If you want to get a shout out just email me at

Have a great day and keep helping animals, those without a voice!

Your Kid Governor, 

Friday, October 13, 2017

My interview with seven-year-old animal activist Eloise!

Hello everyone!

Recently, I interviewed a girl named Eloise. She is seven years old and from my hometown of Milford. She painted pictures of animals, sold them and donated the money to the animal shelter. She's a very inspiring girl and I have no doubt that she will help many people and animals in the future. Watch my interview with Eloise below!

Are you raising money for animals in your community? Let me know! Email me at to tell me how you are helping animals!

Your Kid Governor,

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Helping Animals After Hurricane Harvey

Hey guys!

As you may have heard, Texas is currently flooded and covered in water after Hurricane Harvey. So many people and animals are being found and rescued. The shelters are so full of animals and they really need your help to find as many of the animals as possible a loving home. My friends at the Connecticut Humane Society have sent down ten people to Texas to help rescue animals and find them a new home. They are also excepting a few animals to come up to our Humane Society so people from Connecticut can give these pets a loving home right here! I am also happy to see the Humane Society of the United States, who I met with when I was in Washington, D.C. in June, has volunteers on the front lines helping with animal rescue in Texas.

Photo: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg via Getty Images

If you really want to help the animal shelters down in Texas, there are a few things you can do. First, if you can, you can donate to the animal shelters, the ASPCA, or the Texas Humane Society in Houston. You can mail donations to them or call and ask how you can best help! If you still want to help but can't donate anything, you can help raise awareness with friends and family too!

Thank you guys for staying updated on all my blog posts and make sure to keep helping animals, those that are voice! 

Have a great day!

Your Kid Governor,